Data Handbook

About the author


My name is Alwin. I have a Master’s degree in Data Science from the University of Amsterdam, I am a Certified Public Accountant and I live in Zurich, Switzerland. I got the opportunity to move abroad and work in an international environment because I have always applied my knowledge about data to my non-programming job: Accountancy. Which practically means: every time I need to solve an accounting problem, I solve this problem and automate my work using the tools described in this handbook.

I created this handbook because in my non-programming job, I see countless opportunities to deal with data better. And these opportunities are not just within my domain of accounting and finance: any job that requires dealing with data provides these opportunities. The opportunities are endless because data is everywhere. I became a more effective and efficient accountant because I learned to deal with data better.

I want to help you deal with data better, so that you can excel at your non-programming job. This is why I have written this handbook. I hope you can use it to your advantage. I’m always open for questions, comments, or a chat in general to help you deal with data better. You can reach me on LinkedIn or email me at [email protected].

Because I believe programming is a force for good and because I want to offer everyone the same opportunities that I have had, I’m allocating half of the proceeds from this handbook to initiatives focused on educating children in programming.

Contact: [email protected]