Data Handbook

About the author

The Data Handbook is written as a work of reference, not as a primary source to learn a new tool. Why? Because there are already many excellent books and wonderful courses dedicated to learning any of the tools described in this handbook. This page includes all the links referenced in the How to learn sections of the Data Handbook. If you are new to any of the tools mentioned, I recommend completing these courses first and after that using the Data Handbook as a work of reference or cheat sheet when you are dealing with data.

Transparency note: By clicking on a link to DataCamp and subsequently purchasing a membership within 7 days, I will receive between 15% and 50% of the DataCamp membership fee as a commission. The price remains unchanged whether you access DataCamp through the link provided below or directly via the DataCamp website. Because I believe programming is a force for good and because I want to offer everyone the same opportunities that I have had, I’m allocating half of the proceeds from this handbook, including the commissions I receive from DataCamp to initiatives focused on educating children in programming. So, if you plan to purchase a DataCamp membership and want to support me and this cause, please sign up within 7 days after clicking one of these links and accepting the cookies. I would highly appreciate it!